Sunday, 10 April 2011

Top 5 coffee brands

Coffee, coffee, coffee. I drink increasingly more of it; almost every day, in fact. If you are susceptible to its effects, then it's not such a good idea to drink so much of it. After having a cup of coffee - especially if it is strong - I will be bouncing off the walls frenetically.

I never drank the stuff before I was at PICU - I simply assumed that I didn't like it. But I was wrong. They gave it to me while I was a patient there and I discovered that I adored the stuff.

Here is a list of my top 5 coffee brands. I usually have a latte when I go to these places - strong and with sugar. I also really like black coffee, but tend to drink that at home.

This list will mean absolutely nothing to you if you don't live in the UK, or if you are not a coffee drinker....

5. Café Nero

This is better than the other major brands - i.e. Costa and Starbucks. But it is still rather boring - it has no flavour. It is basically a stronger equivalent of those pissy-milky-sissy brands. The thing that gravitates me to their cafés is that they are pleasant to sit inside in (much like Costa).

4. Coffee Central

This is only a café in the town I live in, Dronfield, so it is not a brand so to speak. They serve coffee with a really unique flavour that is quite unlike anything else. If you happen to find yourself in Dronfield - chances are that you won't as it is a really boring fucking dump - try the coffee served here. The girls who serve it are cuntish little whores, though.

3. Coffee Nation

This is only served in service stations, but it will knock you out. They provide an 'extra shot' button, which is truly invigorating. Recommended.

2. La Vassa

Proof why foreign coffee brands are superior to those in England. This has recently started to be served at 'Upper Crust' outlets in train stations. It is an Italian make with a sublimely delicious creamy texture.

1. Pumpkin Coffee

I am so pathetic that I even started a Last FM group dedicated to this coffee ( Stimulating, mind-bending and delicious. Whenever I am at a train station I will make an effort to buy one (unless I go for 'La Vassa')...

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