Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Great pop songs

I have been simplifying some of my listening habits recently by listening to unsophisticated, unadulterated pop. Most of the music I have written about on this blog usually tends to be over-complex, within the genres of classical, jazz and avant-rock. For a change, here is a dose of pop.

Though not all of these songs are, strictly speaking, pop. Though as far as I see it, there is no substantial difference between conventional pop music and conventional rock music: the structure is usually the same.

A frequent criticism that this type of music receives is that it lacks 'ideas', or that it is ephemeral and insubstantial. Well, yes, it is - that's part of the appeal.

Muevan las industrias - Los Prisioneros

El baile de los que sobran - Los Prisioneros

Radioactivity - Kraftwerk

High Tension Line - The Fall

Yolanda - Pablo Milanés

L'anamour - Serge Gainsbourg

Roller Girl - Anna Karina

Les vieux - Jacques Brel

Shipbuilding - Robert Wyatt

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