Monday, 2 August 2010

'Juvenilia: An Unacknowledged Literary Prodigy'/My State of Mind #15

Juvenilia: An Unacknowledged Literary Prodigy

16 short stories by a master of the form. Some of these stories have flashes of inspiration, others are excruciatingly painful to read, others are simply embarrassing. This book has undergone a gestation of more than three or four years; I wrote the first one at the age of sixteen. Since I am now twenty, I am no longer a prodigy and any more of my literary efforts have no place in this compendium. This collection comprises my 'best' (but still quite wretched) stories written between the ages of sixteen and nineteen.

I have made slight alterations to a few of the stories, and there is also a new preface. I have produced ten copies of the book, and two of those copies belong to me. Initially, I wanted have a spine but I had to go for spirals because the other option was too expensive.


If you're interested in acquiring a copy, email:

My pseudonym for this book (and for all my future work) is Saimon A. King.


I've felt frustrated today after been assaulted by constant noise. I really fucking hate it when I can't accomplish an activity I have in mind and I have to settle for another one. I've gone on the internet as a refuge from the fucking racket all around me.

But there's no need to be morose! This summer holiday has, at least during the beginning, been pleaseantly productive. And, what's more, is that I have the house to myself for three weeks starting tomorrow! But over the last two or three weeks things went downhill a bit; I stopped writing fiction all together and I loafed around. But this will hopefully be resolved soon and I'll hopefully make the most out of these upcoming weeks.

I am more invisible and insignificant than ever: this blog is testament to that. But I shall just immerse myself in this anonymity.

There is a fan-club in dronfield of the Chilean Everton football club started by English Everton football club fans! Incredible! My dad only met the leader of this club recently. He went to the guy's house to drop off some Lukas books in his house and former professional football player Mario Salas was there! He's currently involved in coaching Universidad de ConcepciĆ³n youth team and is involved in administrative work in the Everton football club. He played for the Chilean national team and was in the glorious Union Espanola team in the mid 90s. They told my dad that in the next day they were going to a friendly between Sheffield United and Argentinean club Estudiantes, so I accompanied him to the match! Prior to the match we went to a pub with all the Everton fans. I had a really long conversation with Salas and he sussed me out straight away; he said "Eres un bicho raro" (you're a "weird bug") and realised straight away that I lived a very solitary life. His aim is to become a football coach, and he was quite critical of Bielsa's team in our conversation, saying that "son muy robotizados" (which is quite true) and that football FA should invest more money in the infrastructure of Chilean football rather than in Bielsa's enormous salary. The conversation, inevitaby, veered to more 'philosophical' areas.


After the last world cup ended, I felt cheated. Uruguay made it to the semi-finals whereas Chile could only get to the second round! Why? Because of the fucking draw! This is a once-in-a-lifetime Chile team - the Uruguayan one isn't. Fifa is corrupt.

Here I will make a list of all the games Chile would have played had they been in Uruguay's draw. Believe me, everyone would have been far more blown away by Chile than Uruguay.

Chile 3-0 France

(Chile would have destroyed France's calamitous defense. Uruguay were too nervous by the prospect of playing such a giant. This Chilean side never gets nervous + they would have scored far more goals than against Honduras because France are a far bigger mess.)

Chile 3-1 South Africa

(They wouldn't have smashed the African side as much as Uruguay, and they would have conceded at least one goal after letting themselves exposed to a counter-attack.)

Chile 1-1 Mexico

(Chile would have struggled against Mexico far more than Uruguay, but I suspect that they'd still got a point.)

Chile 2-0 South Korea

Chile 2-1 Ghana (AET)

(Uruguay robbed Ghana this match, but Chile would have done it fairly and would have had most of the possesion. Still, they would have been neutralised - something this Ghana team proved to be experts at.)

Holland 3-2 Chile

(This Chilean side would have really gone for Holland even more than Uruguay, but they would have let in three goals by three griveous defensive mistakes.

Germany 3-2 Chile

(This German side is also quite defensively naive, but playing against Chile it would have been excited end-to-end stuff. The Germans would still win because they are Germany.)

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