Wednesday, 4 January 2017

There has to be a little socialist in all of us

I find it difficult to believe that no-one can possibly harbour a little 'socialist' part inside them.
I always feel a great sense of resentment when I visit Chile. It bothers me to be in a posh neighbourhood one moment and then to be all of a sudden whisked away to a desperately poor one in a matter of moments. It bothers me to think that in the house I lived in I only had to walk one minute to find a house effectively made out of tin. It bothers me to think of all the classist remarks my snooty classmates made at my school. It bothers me to think that all of those students have no merit, skills or ideas whatsoever invariably find themselves in high-end jobs without expending any effort. It bothers me to see a vast part of the population stuck in a lower class with no opportunities to mobilise themselves. Although it is often lauded as a 'meritocracy,' it really has very little equality of opportunity.
Likewise, I felt a similar sense of resentment when I visited a job fair at a decimated old mining town nearby. The fair was heaving with ragged dishevelled old men who'd probably been out of work for years. The whole town was tired, dirty and depressed.
I am probably the most individualistic person out there. I am inside my head all of the time and I try to be as free thinking as I possibly can. My goals have nothing to do with improving the lives of others. They are have nothing to do with owning a lot of property or making a lot of money, either. They involve writing about twenty stupidly ambitious books on a stupidly broad range of subjects. That's still individualistic because I'm thinking about improving myself, not improving the living conditions of other people. Still, I can't help but feel that anyone who visits Chile or an old mining town in Britain without feeling the slightest tinge of indignation can't possibly be human.

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