Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Academic biographical details #2

Here I attacked the biographical notes that accompany most authors' work... The big hypocrite that I am, I decided to do just that. This was written to accompany my forthcoming self-published book Juvenilia: An Unacknowledged Literary Prodigy. I thought it'd be nifty to share it with the few people who read this blog...


Saimon A. King (Simon Alan King) was born in Santiago, Chile in 1990. He spent his childhood in the southern city of ConcepciĆ³n prior to moving to the United Kingdom at the age of eleven. Saimon had experiences with psychosis at the age of seventeen, where he spent three months in psychiatric wards. After been discharged, he resumed his studies. He hopes to study philosophy at UCL, and he will write a novel called See-Saw and a memoir of his mental illness. He will travel from the north to the south of Chile, and will keep a diary and photographs of this experience. Juvenilia: An Unacknowledged Literary Prodigy is a collection of his best short stories from the ages of sixteen to nineteen.

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