Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Unhealthiness > Healthiness

There is a common delusion which has been widespread by psychiatrists and an assortment of academies that is a favourable advantage to be mentally healthy.

It is possible to accomplish an unlimited amount of achievements when one is in a disoriented state of mind. A whole range of possibilities are opened up to you, and you discover more about yourself.

It is regarded as 'wholesome' to be healthy; it is thought that the whole equilibrium and stability of your life is solely based around your mental health.

Ultimately, life is meant to be led to its fullest potential. It is idiotic to restrict it with idiotic values and limitations. Psychiatrists think that mental health is paramount, but they shut themselves off to the possibilty of psychosis.

Psychosis can be self-disciplined, and you can manoeuvre it and control it to whatever way you see fit. People can willingly delve into unhealth and extract positive feelings and sensations. Life should be followed in accordance to one's personal vision, and this vision may look impenetrable and distorted to other people's eyes, but if it makes sense to the person - this person must pursue it.

Think of all that can be experienced with disoriented outlooks. The visions which can be extracted from these experiences are singular and can't be replicated. The person who undergoes 'unhealthy' experiences - be it schizophrenia, depression, psychosis - takes a vision that can't be seen by anyone else. It only makes sense to that person.

Psychiatrists are full of preconceived prejudices. When they come across a particular way of thinking they immediately box it with a label. They consequently take the whole tendencies and defining singularity of a person for granted and scrutinize them by applying a label on them. The person's intentions are lost, as they are left aside with no hope. They are prescribed with medication and their lives are turned into mundane, meaningless existences. The person's intentions are ultimately lost, ignored or misunderstood.

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Anonymous said...

I have actually come to agree with you on this one. It's better to embrace who we are than to try and change it.