Monday, 9 February 2009

Time-travelling belt

Themo Lobos' creation Mampato is a Chilean boy who acquires a time-travelling belt (a 'cinto-espacio temporal') from an alien named Xse. This alien gives him the belt as a thank you for freeing his planet from the tyrannical oppression of Mong, a cruel and vile being who condemned many of Xse's fellow friends to slavery. With this time travelling device, Mampato consequently travels around many moments in Earth's history where he solves many dilemmas and gets himself into innumerable adventures. He goes to medieval England, Baghdad, the Easter Islands, Troy and many other places. 

This was a comic book I read over and over again during my childhood. This blog entry is devoted to what I'd do if I were to acquire a time-travelling belt.

- I'd have sex with exotic and erotic women from different times, places and ethnic backgrounds. 

- I'd go to the house where Trout Mask Replica was made in. I'd live there for a short while, and I'd see how Beefheart hypnotised his Magic Band. I'd be present during the incessant rehearsals that took place, and I'd have talks with the band members and, of course, Beefheart himself when he was at the height of his powers.

- I'd go to the premiere of Stravinsky's Rite of Spring where I'd be present at the tumultuous and hectic riot that took place.

- I'd go to see John Coltrane perform in 1964 with his all-star band.

- I'd go to 1920s Buenos Aires, so that I could participate in the congregations Macedonio Fernandez led where Borges was his devoted follower and amanuensis. I'd converse and take part in their literary/metaphysical/philosophical endeavours and I'd see the early stages and the shaping of Borges' phenomenal mind.

- I'd go to 8th century China to wander around the landscapes Li Po portrayed in his poetry.

- I'd go to medieval Japan - especially during the time the film Ran was set in.

- I'd go to early 20th century Mexico to wander around the plains and countryside in order to witness the hopeless and wretched poverty that Juan Rulfo conveyed so very powerfully in his fiction.

- I'd go to late 19th century Chile and around the time it conquered its independence.. I'd go around the capital Santiago and the rest of the country to experience the extremely varied culture and climate. I'd also savour the wonderful atmosphere that can't be experienced anywhere else.

- I'd have sex with exotic and erotic women from different times, places and ethnic backgrounds. 


Doug said...


Unrelated question. Have you read any Virginia Woolf? If so, thoughts?

Also, are you familiar with the composer Helmut Lachenmann? Check youtube. His string quartet's are incredible. And his piece "Movement".

Simon King said...

I've had 'To the Lighthouse' in my book collection for a couple of years now, but I've yet to read it.

I haven't heard of that composer before, so I shall indeed check him out.

Simon King said...

The reason for why I haven't got around to reading Virginia Woolf yet is probably because her stream-of-consciousness technique seems to be a bit milk and watery compared to Joyce's use of the technique. It seems to lack much sex or violence... It just seems too 'female', but I'm being pre-judgemental...

Doug said...

I'm reading "To the Lighthouse" at the moment.

Started it last night.

I think I know what you mean. But I'm enjoying it immensely.