Saturday, 13 December 2008

The internet generation

I can sense a whole generation of strange artists waiting to erupt. The state of mind of generations is cyclical. At the moment it's highly conformist: people don't search for strange, wonderful art; it's all presented to them in a menu where which they consequently digest. There are many ostracized, solitary teenagers who are creating strange art and I can sense that these kindred souls will gain more stature in the mainstream some time soon.

Revolutions and manifestos are dumb because they encourage the subsequent generation to rebel against the established norm. I believe in the individual, not in groups. This generation of 'kindred souls' will not be a collective one, it will be developed independently by each separate individual.

As generations are 'cyclical' (there was a so-called 'boom' of latin-american writers at one point), I can sense that a whole new bunch of solitary outsiders who hide in their remote edges and who regularly post on internet blogs/websites will erupt with powerful new works of art: powerful novels, powerful musical compositions, powerful poetry, powerful paintings, etc. I hope to be a participant of it.

As a consequence of this, Bartok will gain air-play on non-classical radio stations and Pynchon will be devoured by teenagers who don't normally read. Teenagers will no longer go out to get mindlessly pissed; they will go out to seek new, exciting aesthetic things.

All this is probably wishful thinking, but I was delighted when the lunatic who regularly visits my Feedback page linked me onto this letter sent to the new york times which was written by a kid who managed to articulate my daydreams far better than I managed to:


Anonymous said...

I read this with a smile on my face, it sounds truly exciting! I doubt that it will happen anytime soon, but I like the thought.

- said...

I have some issues, SK:

"search for strange, wonderful art"

Search? ARt?

"I believe in the individual, not in groups."

What about groups of individuals? There is a midground.

"Bartok will gain air-play on non-classical radio stations"

bartok? Regressive taste for a generation of individualists who "seeks new, exciting aesthetic things"....

You need to be more careful with your use of the word aesthetic too.

And the idea of this emerging from the fucking internet is fucking lame. The internet as a form of communication. Nothing more. Nothing less.