Monday, 3 November 2008


When I was a young boy living in Chile, I was a rabid and avid football fanatic. I've gone through a number of obsessions in my life, and football was one of them. When I have an obsession, this interest predominates on my mind and I'm incapable of thinking anything other than the obsession. My current obsession is literature. At the ages of 5-7 it was superheroes/comic books, from the ages of 11-15 it was music and, the obsession which this blog entry is devoted to, at the ages of 8-10 my main interest was football.

If I were intoduced to football now I'd think it'd be the most idiotic thing on earth, but I maintain an interest in it as it brings up feeling of nostalgia within me. One of the pivotal moments in my life was the 1998 world cup where Chile participated. We would have beaten Italy if it hadn't been for an idiotic decision from the bastard referee.

Chile are now doing brilliantly with Marcelo Bielsa as their manager. They beat Argentina for the very first time! However, I'm also feeling rather depressed at the moment because Fernandez Vial, the team I supported, have gone down to the third division. Some similarly appaling news is that Argentina have hired Maradona as their manager: jesus christ! They heading towards a downward spiral with that decision. When I was young I had an enourmous love for Argentina, and I placed them as my second favourite team after Chile. It annoys the hell out of me how everyone has chosen to forget the Argentinian squad that went out on quarter-finals at the last world cup. They played beautiful, artistic football. They were also, in my opinion, the second best team of all time after Brazil 1970.

I also invented imaginary football prognostics as a child. It was like an artistic outlet; it was somewhat similar to what I imagine musical compositon to be like: very mathematical and intricate. In this imaginary realm, I always made my team Fernandez Vial win.

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