Sunday, 24 August 2008

What I want to do with my life.

I got sent to a psychiatric ward in Derby for 3 months, and this disrupted and seriously affected m creativity. I was at my peak! I doubt whether I'll manage to get to it again. I was posting prolifically on my blog (which has since been deleted) and exchanged many opinions with an interesting kid called Gareth. My plan then was to write as many short stories as I could and read as much as I could, and spend five years at home with my parents. I then consequently wanted to live life as a tramp, travelling around the world and living a life of pleasure.

After having been sent to the psychiatric ward, I was persuaded by the doctor there to pursue a university education. After leaving the hospital and the ward, I found my creativity to be very sterile. I have, however, read excessively (on some occasions, read 6-8 hours ). I am now going to study A-levels at Chesterfield college; I don't look forward to it at all as I'm afraid it will interfere with my reading. I will drop out if I find that this is the case. If I don't drop out, I will then go on to study english literature at a university (as the psychiatrist told me to do).

In any case, my aspiration is to be a post-man and a novelist. I'd stay up at night to write my novels and I'd go out to deliver the mail in the morning. I'd then proceed to sleep in the afternoon. I'd also live as a hermit and I'd also read excessive amounts. I'll continue to write regardless of it getting published. If this isn't the case, I might live off a woman that can cook and care for me and have sex with me and live in the woods with me. This would be more convenient as it'd leave more time for my writing, and the human company may prevent me from going psychotic. I may also experiment once or twice with LSD to see what the outcome of this is, and see if it may make my writing more fertile.

Novels and short story collections I hope to write (yet have no plan for) are: See-Saw, Dream Stairs, X1, Teenage Ruminations, Psychotic Hallucinations, Strandenforp, Erotic Violence and Strange Logic.

This is a shitty post and I may delete it.


Ryan Brothwell said...

I get the impression that in your writing you always go for shock value. Why don't you just come across in your writing as you do in person? Your writing will be far more genuine this way.

You try too hard to be a maverick.

R.Jacklin said...

You should come out of hiding more often, Simon. Your desire for solitude has led to your vision of reality becoming somewhat distorted :S If you live life as said hermit, how will you meet this woman of Edwardian and modern mentality (domestic slave & also willing to work), who will do all that for you, while working, yet living in a wood?

In your carefully constructed life, you have scheduled no time to spend with this impossible wife, so what motivation would she have for staying with you?

You need to spend more time in the real world, and become a real person once again. What happened to the Simon King that kept me going through Booth's Geography lessons, and the Simon King that made us all laugh so much?

Simon King said...

Ryan: Writing DOES NOT channel the personality of an individual. It's a terrible mistake to assume that art reflects ourselves. Just because I may be soft-spoken in 'real life', it does not mean that my blog writing will follow accord.

Although you may refuse to believe it, I was not consious of any 'shock value' in this piece of writing. I simply write about what I see.It may just be that my writing isn't for the faint-hearted.

Rob: Having reality 'distorted' is a FAVOURABLE state to be in. The values and morals you have are dumb because they restraint you from EXPERIENCE. Experience works at different levels for different people. For someone like Thoreau and myself, experience can be obtained by shutting oneself off from the outer world of reality. I don't want any values to disrupt my life of pleasure and self-fulfillment.

Self-fulfillment exceeds outer fulfillment. It may seem hedonistic and selfish, but by the time one dies living on these terms one would have achieved far more than the kind of life led amidst the constraints of 'success'.

Doug said...

Thoreau didn't shut himself away from reality, SK.

Simon King said...

Care to elaborate?